Next Level Benefits

While everyone agrees that Obamacare wasn't sustainable, there is high uncertainty in its replacement. Carriers are withdrawing from state and federal exchanges and rate increases are crippling for business owners.

While the replacement is hopeful to be an improvement for individuals and insurance companies, they may be at the expense of employers.

Next Level Benefits helps you navigate the change in order to attract and retain quality employees, so you can focus on growing your business.


Providing quality health insurance benefits is critical to attracting and maintaining quality employees.  You need to focus on your business, not sorting through the health insurance maze of options.  Next Level Benefits allows you to focus on what you do best while being assured that your employees have the best benefits package possible.


Managing your payroll is more complicated than it seems. Integrating payroll with all of your deductions such as health insurance benefits and HSA accounts allow you to keep all of your employee data in one place. It is critical to keep your tax obligations in order and you will find peace of mind in being able to see a real time comprehensive payroll view.


If your employees are not healthy, it is hard for them to focus on contributing to your business strategies.  Wellness programs focus on engaging your employees to improve their health every day.  Wellness is not a treatment, it is a lifestyle and by empowering your employees to manage their own health every day will return positive returns for everyone.


Most employees don't understand how expensive health insurance benefits cost your company. HSA's allow employees to put money aside to budget for health care and carry over funds that are not used.  It provides the opportunity for employees to fully understand the cost of healthcare and budget appropriately.

"Healthy employees are productive employees.  Providing quality benefits improves loyalty to the company and peace of mind so that employees can focus on achieving company goals." 

- Derek S. Bridges